Wive's Club

Bring out your fierce side! Wives Club is a dance workshop dedicated to helping women get comfortable in their skin. In this intimate session you will learn feminine movement through dance that will give you some tools to, not only feel comfortable in your skin - but also learn to work your sensuality and give you a fun new way to work out. We'll learn some fundamentals and  a short choreography that will give you ways to show your confidence.


Heels & Non-heels option.

  • Husbands have purchased class for their wives so they can feel flirty, fun & free. 

  • New and experienced mom's have purchased classes to get back in touch with their own bodies. 

  • Engaged women can cultivate a sense of comfort with their sexy side.

  • Book a private session for you and your girlfriends!


You want to feel confident & powerful.

You want to reconnect with your body.

You want to practice feminine movement.

You love to dance.

You want to do something a little different - shake things up.

You want some tools to spice up your marriage!

You want to have fun!


This workshop is for women 18 and over. Limit 20.


1.5 hrs

Heels Experience



Intro or Intermediate level. 

Learn how to move & dance confidently in heels. Though this class focuses on the full spectrum of feminine movement, not just the overtly sexy side. 

Intro Level: Focuses on how to walk, move and transfer weight correctly in heels. Dancers learn a fun, beginner level combo that helps build confidence and connection in movement. 

Intermediate: Take your heels movement a step further. This class picks up the pace with the fundamentals still intact. Dancers challenge their character, control and connection through an intermediate level combo. 

Important Notes:

Please wear a heel height appropriate for your level. If you are just starting out, a 2 inch heel or so is best. A thick or flared heel (as opposed to a stiletto) is also advised for beginners. The height of the heel does not determine your level of amazing!


You want to feel comfortable and confident walking in heels.

You are interested in commercial dance.

You love to dance.

You want to learn heels technique.

You want a challenge.

You want to have fun!

Ladies Night


Grab your girls, it’s time to have some fun! Great for bachelorette parties, birthdays or any other occasion - invite your friends to a private dance lesson to learn a dance that will then be performed by you all on film. Taught at a beginner level (unless otherwise requested), you and your friends will spend the night laughing and learning - making memories that will last a lifetime. (available in heels or non-heels)



You have something to celebrate!

You like good, clean fun (with a little edge)

You love to dance!

You want to make memories!



Whoever you invite!



1 hour minimum