Weather you are a dancer, singer, actor, or someone who just wants to present themselves more confidently, this workshop is designed to help cultivate a strong, authentic presence on and off the stage. 


Why Participate:

-I want to be more confident

-I want to feel better in my skin

-How do I make my movement stand out?

-How do I make it look like me?

-I want to be myself.

-I feel stuck

-I want to find my voice

-I want to feel and look more natural on stage.

-I want to have fun trying something new. 

Cultivator Track

Whether you are looking to get back into dance, have never done it, or simply want to move better - this workshop will help cultivate tools to help you develop fundamentals that will help you. Cultivators will learn a short dance combination - this track features slower paced, straight forward movement that allows you to focus in on fundamentals - providing a no stress experience with a big reward. 

Dancer Track

If you are a dancer who wants to improve your presence on stage or stand out in classes - Presence will help you do just that. Learn how to rehearse for performance, how to convey different mood & character in choreography, and tools to improve your overall presence and impact. Dancers will learn a combo that gives them the opportunity to explore these concepts and will be provided specific feedback on how to continue improving.



2 Hours

Also adaptable for educational/school programs. 


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